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Located approximately 80 miles from Memphis, situated on the Forked Deer River, you will find the Tennessee city of Dyersburg. While not a large city, Dyersburg provides the area’s residents with shopping, cultural & entertainment activities, employment opportunities, and medical centers. To help protect the people, homes, and businesses in Dyersburg from being invaded and damaged by the area’s local pests, HTP Termite & Pest Control, Inc. offers effective & affordable pest control options. For over six decades we have been the area’s pest control leaders. To learn more about our residential and commercial pest control options, reach out to HTP.

Residential Pest Control In Dyersburg, TN

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Pests such as insects and rodents find a multitude of ways to enter into your Dyersburg home.
A few examples of how they make their way inside:

  • Through cracks in the foundation and exterior walls

  • Through torn screens

  • Down chimneys

  • Through holes in the roofline

  • Through spaces found around windows and doors

Keeping pests out of your Dyersburg home can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. When you partner with HTP Termite & Pest Control, Inc. we will get pests out and keep them out for good! We offer Home Defense Pest Control to rid your home of pests in a quick, effective, and budget-friendly manner. Our experts are focused on eliminating pests and providing quality residential pest control options, in a friendly and customer-focused manner. To learn more about safeguarding your home against invasive pests, call the West Tennessee pest experts at HTP.

Are There Dangerous Spiders In Dyersburg, Tennessee?

There are spiders that are considered to be dangerous living in Dyersburg, Tennessee. All spiders are venomous, but not all pose a danger to people. Only those spiders whose venom is strong enough to trigger health problems in people are considered a danger. Brown recluse and black widow spiders live in West Tennessee and they are a threat to people. However, these spiders are not aggressive. They typically only bite when you make accidental contact, or if you handle them directly (never recommended). Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are attracted to properties that offer places to create their webs and forage for food. Gardens, wood piles, heavy vegetation, and large populations of insects attract spiders to Dyersburg properties.

If you discover a problem with spiders, especially dangerous spiders, on your property, contact HTP Termite & Pest Control, Inc. We can provide the residential pest control services needed to safely eliminate them and stop their return. To learn more about spider control, contact HTP!

Commercial Pest Control In Dyersburg, Tennessee

Trust the experts at HTP Termite & Pest Control, Inc. to protect your Dyersburg business from invading & damaging insects, rodents, and more. We are excited to provide the area’s business owners with high-quality commercial pest control services. To ensure that we provide the most modern and effective pest control solutions possible, we have affiliated ourselves with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Pest World, Sentricon®, and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). To protect Tennessee businesses from pests, we offer green certified products and service methods, affordable prices, highly quality services, termite control through Sentricon® Systems, rodent control & removal, and more! To stop pests from causing problems in your Dyersburg commercial facility, contact the caring professionals at HTP.

Protect Your Dyersburg, Tennessee Home From Termites

Termites are problematic pests for a number of different reasons. They enter homes “silently” and remain undetected for months or years. They consume wood and cause extensive structural damage. Their damage is not covered by most homeowners' insurance. To protect your Dyersburg home from the extensive and costly damage termites can cause, partner with HTP Termite & Pest Control, Inc. to install the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. The Sentricon System quickly eliminates entire termite colonies and offers long-term protection to stop future problems with wood-eating termites. To learn more about our eco-friendly, affordable termite control services, contact HTP.


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