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a black widow spider crawling upside down on its web hung inside of a covington tenessee home

Tips To Avoid Spiders In Covington, TN This Fall


Why are spiders so creepy? Is it the fact that they have 8 multi-segmented oddly bent legs? Maybe it’s because they can climb on walls and even upside down on ceilings. Perhaps it has to do with their size and multiple beady eyes. Whatever it is, it is undeniable that spiders are just plain creepy. ... Read More

a stink bug crawling along a wooden plant holder in a sunny covington tennessee home

Why Are Stink Bugs Such A Problem In Covington, TN?


Did you know that stinkbugs aren’t generally home pests? You might know this if you own farmland as stinkbugs are a big problem for farmers during the summer months. But now that we are heading into fall, stinkbugs are becoming more and more of a problem for homeowners. Are you curious why? ... Read More


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