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a brown recluse spider crawling along a huntingdon tennessee livingroom floor

5 Tips For Summer Spider Prevention In Huntingdon


Regardless of where you stand on spiders, it’s probably fair to assume you don't want them free-roaming anywhere near your home, especially with some species such as the dangerous brown recluse. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you keep both dangerous and just plain bothersome spiders out of your home.... Read More

a grayish brown mosquito crouched down on a tennessee residents arm as it is biting profusely

Don’t Let Tennessee Mosquitoes Ruin Your Spring


People have a way of avoiding pain as much as possible. Some people avoid pain by avoiding mosquitoes and their bites. If you are worried that mosquitoes might ruin your outdoor fun this summer, we have some solutions for you.... Read More

termite swarmers perched on a wall in a tennessee home

Termite Season Soon To Return To West Tennessee


Did you know that we have a termite season here in Tennessee? It’s true. In fact, it just started. As the weather warms up, subterranean termites come back up from underground where they spent the winter dormant.... Read More

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