Why You Can’t Defend Your Tennessee Property From Termite Damage Alone


a very loarge colony of swarming termites infesting a tennessee wooden structure

What do you do when you find a fly inside your home? You grab a fly swatter or maybe a newspaper and you swat it, right? Now imagine flies are invisible, but you can still hear them. You know they are still buzzing about, but how hard would it be to hit them? Fairly difficult, right? This is what it’s like fighting termites without professional help. Only with termites, you can't see or hear them! Because of the way they invade and destroy homes, termites are some of the most difficult pests to treat for, especially without help.

Why Termites Are Such Destructive Pests

How often do you thoroughly evaluate the exterior of your home for damage or potential threats? Our guess is that you don’t do this often, as it is not a common thing for homeowners to do, especially if you have homeowners insurance and you trust that your home is covered. But what if we told you that termite damage is not covered in most home insurance plans? Would you be more attentive to the potential pest threats around your home?

The reason why termites are such a destructive pest is two-fold. The first reason why termites are as destructive as they are is because of what we just discussed. The second reason is due to how they invade homes. They do not often crawl on the outside of wood where they would be easily visible. Instead, they tunnel deep into the wood, destroying it from the inside out. This invisible destruction is why termites are the threat that they are.

Why Termites Are So Hard To Treat Alone

The same thing that makes termites as destructive as they are, also makes them extremely difficult to treat. As we discussed earlier, how do you fight back against an invisible threat? It’s nearly impossible. Even if you find a DIY method that you think will work, there is still the problem of knowing if it has worked without being able to see the termites inside your walls or in your yard under the dirt.

Benefits Of Professional Termites Control

The only effective way to fight back against termites is with professional pest control, which we have for you here at HTP Termite Pest Control, Inc. Our methods ensure that your home will be termite-free and will remain that way. To find out what this looks like for your home, give us a call today. We would be happy to find a protection plan that works for you.

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