Threats Posed By Cockroaches In West Tennessee


Most people agree that cockroaches are certainly unpleasant to look at, but have you ever wondered if they are actually dangerous or hazardous to your health? The unpleasant truth is that cockroaches can actually be harmful to your health in a number of different ways.

  • Spread of disease: Cockroaches are known to carry pathogens and microorganisms that can facilitate the spread of disease.

  • Food contamination: Cockroaches can contaminate any food you leave open, as they crawl over it leaving behind hair, dead skin, waste, and bacteria. Eating these contaminated foods can actually lead to an array of diseases, including salmonella and E. coli.

  • Allergies: Cockroaches can also cause allergies due to the saliva they excrete and the hundreds of allergens found on their body parts. If you are exposed to cockroaches, this could lead to sneezing, watery eyes, and even skin rashes.

  • Asthma: If there’s someone with asthma in your home, cockroaches can be very harmful to his or her health. Cockroach allergens can cause severe asthmatic reactions, especially in children, that can be life-threatening.

If you are worried about a cockroach infestation at your home or place of business, HTP Termite & Pest Control is here to help you get the problem under control. We’re here to help property owners in Huntingdon start the extermination process right away, and we’ll work hard to ensure your property is free from cockroaches in no time. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking for long-lasting protection from cockroaches!

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