Termite Season Soon To Return To West Tennessee


Did you know that we have a termite season here in Tennessee? It’s true. In fact, it just started. As the weather warms up, subterranean termites come back up from underground where they spent the winter dormant. For fully mature colonies, this reemergence also means swarmers (winged termites). These winged scouts have the job of finding new places to establish new colonies. This could be anywhere from a stump to the walls of your home, depending on where they can find what they're looking for.

termite swarmers perched on a wall in a tennessee home

What Termites Are Looking For

Subterranean termites are insects that have a tendency to dry out. For this reason, they look for moist areas to invade. They will not usually invade dry wood, but rather wet or water-damaged wood to sustain them. If your home has these things, you can be sure it is attractive to termites.

Last-Minute Preparation Steps To Keep Termites Away

When it comes to keeping termites away, the best thing you can do is reduce the factors that will attract them inside in the first place. In almost all cases, this has to do with moisture. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make your home less appealing to termites.

  • Create a dry barrier around your home: This can be done by trimming back foliage and making sure the sun is able to shine around your home's exterior foundation. This will make it dryer and less attractive to termites.

  • Fix leaks and eliminate water sources: If water is leaking onto or building up around or inside of your home, it may be affecting its wood as well. Make sure you find any and all of these trouble areas and address them accordingly.

  • Make sure no soil is directly touching the exterior of your home: Because subterranean termites build their homes under earth and soil, the less soil that is touching your home’s wood the better. If you can, create a non-wood barrier around your home, this will make it more difficult for termites to invade.

How Sentricon® Installed By HTP Can Help

All of the above tips are great ways to reduce your chances of infestation, but none of them are perfect. The closest thing to perfect we have found when it comes to termite treatments and exclusion is Sentricon®. This termite bait system works wonders to get and keep termites out of homes. All it takes is a few bait stations, installed by our professionals, and the termites won’t know what hit them. But you'll know, and we promise that the feeling of knowing you have a termite-free home is a good one.

Call HTP Termite Pest Control Inc today for your very own Sentricon® system. We'll send one of our qualified pest technicians your way asap to make sure you are taken care of!

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