Kicking Termites Out Of Your Lexington, TN Home


If you knew your home was being eaten from the inside out, you would do something about it, right? What if we told you, even if your home was being eaten, you might not know it. This is a scary thought. How can you protect your home if you don’t know it’s at risk? 
Today we are talking about the elusive and destructive termite. How these insects get into your home, what they are, and what you can do to stop them. Interested to find out more? Your answers are around the corner.

a colont of swarming termites infesting a home in lexington tennessee

What Are Termites?

Often described as white ants, termites are cream-colored social insects that live in colonies. Despite what you might think, these colonies rarely exist inside homes, but instead outside under the ground. Unlike other wood-destroying pests, carpenter ants, termites do not tunnel through the wood to build their nests but rather to gather cellulose (the main ingredient found in wood) to feed their queen and her subjects. These include workers, soldiers, and swarmers, each with their own purpose. Workers are in charge of gathering wood (food), soldiers are commissioned with the protection of the queen and her subjects, and swarmers are tasked with scouting out new locations to build nests. Working together, termites cost homeowners an average of 5 billion dollars each year.


Signs Of A Termite Infestation

Unless you are seeing termite swarmers buzzing around your home, it can be difficult to identify a nearby termite colony. This is mainly due to the fact that termites prefer to stay out of sight and either underground in their colony or within a nearby structure of wood. There are, however, some signs they leave behind that you can keep an eye out for.

  • Inspect the wood of your home for a tiny tunnel running through it.
  • Look for mud tubes running up your home's foundation, usually across stone or cement.
  • Tap on wood around your home, listen for sections that sound hollow.
  • Check your walls for bubbling wallpaper and paint.
  • Walk over your floors. Are any of your floorboards getting squeakier?

All of these are signs that your home could be infested with termites.


What Makes Your Home Desirable To Termites?

Most termites are picky when it comes to what wood they will eat. Generally, if the wood of your home is not water damaged, rotting, or being softened by something, termites won’t bother eating their way inside. Most often termite problems start with a leaky pipe or broken gutter. Really anything that softens the wood of your home makes it more attractive to termites.


How To Get and Keep Termites Out Of Your Home

Despite rumors, it is impossible to get termites out of your home without professional help. Here at HTP Termite Pest Control, Inc, we are not just professionals, we are the leaders in termite control. Whether you are looking for a way to get termites out of your home or for treatments designed to keep your home termite-free year-round, we are the company for you.
To defend your home against destructive termites, give us a call today!

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