How To Avoid Bee Stings In Perry County, TN


If you are like most people and spend lots of your time outdoors especially in the summer then you have probably had some run-ins with bees. Bees are a great part of the ecosystem and are necessary to keep plants alive and some plants such as fruit and nut trees producing food for people. The honey that some species of bees produce is used to eat, cook with and even used for medicinal purposes. The bee population is under attack and many pest control companies offer relocation rather than extermination. This is the practice of taking the entire hive from one spot to another location that is safer for the bees. The colony many times will follow the hive and stay with it and with the queen. This is a great practice and keeps the bees alive while keeping people safe from stings. HTP Termite & Pest Control, Inc. lists ways you can prevent a bee from stinging you this summer. Contact us for all your pest control including stinging insect pests!

How To Avoid Bees & Bee Stings

Avoid smells that attract bees: If you want to keep bees from coming in close to see what you are, then don’t lure them in. You may not even realize it but you could be attracting bees with your lotions, perfume, cologne and oils that you probably didn’t even think twice about putting on. If you are going to an area where you know you are going to have the potential of bee interaction, you want to keep away from your smelly lotions and sprays. You can go with fragrance-free options in these circumstances instead to prevent a possible sting.

Avoid colors that attract bees: You can also be attracting bees with what you are wearing. A bee is naturally attracted to bright colors that mimic the colors of flowers. If you have ever seen a beekeeper they wear white jumpsuits when working with bees. To better your chances of a bee passing you by you want to stick to light colors such as white and khaki.

Avoid sugary drinks & food items that attract bees: Bees have been known to go into a can of soda to get a drink. The sugary foods and drinks are very attractive to bees and they will come on over to see what it is and try and get a taste. This can be dangerous so be careful to check your drink before you take a swig so that you don’t take a bee in your mouth too. If you are out on a picnic of activity with food stay away from really sugary foods and drinks if you want to keep bees away from you and your guests.

Stand still if a bee lands on you: If you are outdoors in the natural habitat of a bee you might come across one or more. The best thing that you can do is to stay still if you have one come by to check you out. A bee does not want to sting anyone and will come in to check out the area and fly away. If you start to panic and swing your arms around and smack at it you are going to scare the bee and that can lead to a sting.

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