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Eradicating Rodents From Paris, Tennessee Home

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Each year rodents try to get into our Paris, Tennessee homes, especially as the weather cools down. To help you, we are sharing some ways to tell if your home has a current rodent infestation, what that means, and some things that can be done to stop rodents if they have not yet gotten inside.

How To Identify A Rodent Infestation

Rodents are not the bravest of creatures. Unlike flies and stinkbugs that fly around and land wherever they wish, regardless of where you are, rodents will only show their faces when they believe you won’t see them. This can make identifying an infestation difficult. Here are some signs rodents leave behind.

  • Grease marks along floorboards left from dirty mice and rats skirting along your walls where they feel most safe.
  • Holes chewed through walls, pantries, and boxes of food.
  • Pellets of fecal matter in the backs of drawers, along walls, and around areas rodents are frequenting in your home.
  • Torn up fabric, insulation, and paper, taken to make rodent nests.
  • The sound of scampering in your wall and ceiling voids late at night.
  • The smell of urine in the air.

To tell the difference between a mouse and rat infestation, look at the width of the holes, the height of the grease stains, and the size of the droppings. Mice are about 2 to 4 inches in length where rodents can be up to 9 inches long.
Finding any combination of these signs in your home is a good sign you could be dealing with a rodent infestation. If after checking your home you are still unsure, the best way you can find out is to reach out to HTP Termite Pest Control, Inc. We would be happy to inspect your home to make sure it is rodent-free.

The Dangers Of Rodents

People often underestimate how dangerous rodents are due to the fact that some are kept as pets. The truth is, as pets, rodents are fine. It is only when they are allowed to roam freely in and out of our homes that they become a problem. Rodents eat nasty things and travel through filthy areas. This causes them to pick up dangerous bacteria, pathogens, and parasites. These contaminants can then be transferred through homes, across food-preparation areas, over left-out food, and inside boxed food products. This contamination could mean sickness for you, your family, and even your pets.
Rodents are hosts for fleas. Once inside your home, the fleas they carry can be spread to unprotected household pets causing their own range of issues.
Finally, rodents are destructive. With their always growing, very sharp front, teeth rodents are known for chewing through things they shouldn’t including electrical wires, utility piping, and airconditioning.

Our Top 5 Rodent Prevention Tips

Use a caulking gun and steel mesh to seal holes in your home’s exterior foundation. Keep in mind that rodents can squeeze through openings as small as a nickel in diameter.

  • Keep your yard free of debris and store firewood at least 20 feet from your home’s exterior.
  • Make sure your trashcans, inside and outside, have tight-fitting lids that rodents cannot get into.
  • Store leftover foods and repackage food that comes in cardboard boxes into plastic containers.
  • Clean regularly and pick up pet food and water bowls after they are done with them.

What To Do When Rodents Invade

If you suspect your Paris home has rodents, there are two things you can do. You can buy traps and attempt to bait out the rodents hiding within your walls. This may work with a couple of rodents before they are able to breed. Once rodents have had a chance to breed, however, and your problem grows, your only solution is to reach out to a professional. Here at HTP Termite Pest Control, Inc, we are just that. With years of pest control experience under our belts, you won’t find anyone better for pest control and rodent control in Paris.