Brown Recluse Spiders Require Special Treatment


Brown recluse spiders can be dangerous. While their bites don’t always lead to injury or bad reactions, their poison has the potential to cause necrosis, a.k.a. rotting skin. Needless to say, you should educate yourself about brown recluse spiders so you can avoid even the slightest possibility of harm to your family.

a brown recluse spider inside a home in tennessee

On that note, it’s important for you to know that brown recluse spiders behave differently from other spiders. They don’t just spin webs and wait for their prey to get stuck. Instead, they’re hunters. For this reason, you can’t just treat a brown recluse infestation like any other spider infestation. Keep reading for the full scoop!

What Brown Recluse Spiders Look Like

Brown recluse spiders have long legs and light-brown bodies. Their distinguishing trait, however, is the dark, fiddle-shaped mark on the back of their head. (This is why they’re also commonly referred to as “fiddle-back spiders.”) In order to properly identify an adult brown recluse, this signature mark must be observed.

How We Treat A Brown Recluse Spider Infestation

With brown recluses, the female spider never leaves the nest. Therefore, all of the males are the ones hunting, bringing back food to the brood, and causing the infestation. This is why the first step in treating a brown recluse infestation is to take out all the males. Doing so will leave the female hungry and without food, causing her to eventually leave the brood on her own. Once the female leaves the brood, we know our extermination treatment is almost complete.

At HTP Termite & Pest Control, we implement a 12-month program to totally eliminate brown recluse infestations. When clients complete our 12-month program, they have a 100% success rate. We require 12 months because there are multiple, initial steps involved in taking out the males and drawing out the females. Then, as part of our program, we monitor the issue regularly over the course of 12 months to make certain there are no stragglers and that the infestation has been totally neutralized.

When In Doubt, Call Our Pros!

If you even suspect the presence of brown recluse spiders on your property in the Huntingdon area, have our specialists come over and take a look. If it’s not a brown recluse after all, then you’ll be able to take a less complicated approach to removal. However, if it does turn out to be a brown recluse, you’ll be glad you called in the experts.

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