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Termites are the World’s Hardest Workers

Each year more than 700,000 U.S. homes suffer termite damage totaling over $5 billion. This is more than the damage caused by all fires, windstorms and earthquakes combined.

Tennessee homes are particularly vulnerable to termites. We live in a temperate climate where termite activity is well above the national average. To help Tennessee homeowners combat termites, we offer liquid termite treatment and bait termite treatment services:

Effective termite treatment requires a thorough understanding of construction, biology and the behavior of termites. HTP Pest’s licensed, trained professionals have the expertise to assess your needs and customize a termite protection program for your home.

Liquid Termite Treatment

The goal of a traditional liquid termite treatment is to create a consistent barrier around and under your home to deny termites any access to your home.

The liquid termite treatment involves trenching the interior and exterior of the foundation wall and drilling and treating masonry voids, slabs and porches. As termites tunnel through treatment zones in search of food, they are exposed to the liquid pesticide. As affected termites spread the material through contact with other termites, they reduce the population of the colony.

Bait Termite Treatment

Termite baiting system’s goal is total colony elimination. To achieve elimination, a systematic baiting program must be implemented.

Termite monitoring stations are strategically placed around the exterior of your home and in common infestation areas. HTP Pest’s certified technicians inspect the devices on a regular basis to detect the presence of termites. When termites are discovered, the monitors are replaced with termite bait.

The termites consume the bait and return to the colony to share the active ingredients with other termites. In time, the colony is eliminated.


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