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When searching for a reliable pest control company in the Western parts of Tennessee, you want a reputable company, that is properly licensed, bonded and insured. One that has a guarantee that their work is done right the first time. You want a pest control company that has accumulated years of experience to be better equipped to handle any pest problem. Your home is your castle, and you want the pests out without sacrificing too much of your hard earned money. Well look no further! We at HTP Pest meet all your requirements. Our professionals are skilled in their trade and are ready to perform your residential pest control.

Home Mosquito Control

After providing pest control to our valued customers in the western region of Tennessee for over 52 years, we have seen it all. Mosquito removal tops the service list. Mosquitoes are not just pests, they are annoying, a nuisance, and they can even transmit harmful diseases. Being notorious throughout the world, mosquitoes can spread death-causing illnesses. Local Tennessee residents often contact our professionals when their yards have become overrun with the little blood suckers but why wait? If you are wanting to allow your children to play safely in the backyard, or are planning to host an event or gathering; call us to enjoy the outdoors without mosquito party crashers. With a few options of methods and techniques, we can consult with our customers to provide the most optimal solution.

Indoor & Outdoor Ant Control

Ants are another unwelcome pest that infiltrate our homes, and manage to get a hold of that sweet tasty treat we’ve been saving; among all the other foods in our pantries. Ants are a particularly difficult pest to get rid of. When you see the scouting ant parties, laying down or following the invisible trails, you quickly grab the most convenient chemical and spray them down. Thinking you won the war, a few hours later you see more ants on your counters and realize that is not the case. Utilizing the ant control services from HTP Pest can ensure your ant dilemma is efficiently eradicated. There are thousands of species of ants, but when it comes to home invasions, the various species need specific treatment for efficient ant control and HTP Pest Control technicians know exactly what methods are best!

Rodent Removal from Attics & Homes

At HTP Termite & Pest Control, Inc., our experts are also proven effective in dealing with rodent removal. Rodents are not only a major pest, but they bring along destruction, disease, and girlish screams at the mere sight of them. Rats and mice are responsible for the scratching and gnawing noises you can’t stand. Their nesting in your insulation makes a huge mess and their gnawing of electrical wires can start fires. Rodent excrement can easily transmit disease; not to mention the fleas that hitch a ride in their fur. Replacing contaminated food and repairing property damage costs the U.S. millions of dollars a year. Having a rodent infestation is serious and proper eradication requires the expert pest technicians from HTP Termite & Pest Control!.

Residential Home Defense Pest Control

With our professionals handling your residential pest control services, you know that HTP Pest has you covered from all manner of pests. Coming to your aid fully armored with advanced training, exceptional years of experience and skills beyond your expectations. We utilize the most efficient pest control methods and techniques. Our high quality equipment and supplies can ensure your pest infestations are removed. When you hire HTP Pest, your home is in capable hands under our superior pest control management. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!


HTP, Inc. Termite & Pest Control is a BBB Accredited Pest Control Company in Huntingdon, TN