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Rodents and insects are not the only pests imposing on Tennessee businesses and homes. Birds such as pigeons, sparrows and crows, among many others, plague our buildings and vehicles with their nesting habits and droppings. Having a reliable resource to help cut back the likelihood of damage as well as the dangers of disease is an added benefit in your quest. Our professionals working at HTP Pest have extensive training and experience in bird removal and control.

Bird Diseases & Damage

Birds are found nesting in attics, chimneys, garage, sheds and soffits. In their efforts, they can cause costly damage to structures. Concentrated bird excrement can cause irreparable damage as well as attract insects. Bird’s feathers can carry lice and mites and bird droppings can transmit disease. Pigeon droppings can cause Histoplasmosis, which is an infection to the lungs. It is treatable if caught early but if it travels throughout the body, it can be fatal. After birds have been removed, fixing damage and disinfecting the affected areas is crucial. If left untreated, pigeon and other bird droppings can leave rooftops to rot, contributing to leaks and other roof afflictions.

Health Hazards Posed by Feral Pigeons

Feral pigeons are a close descendant of the European Homing Pigeon. They have no hesitancy living in close proximity with people and have little fear of our presence. They are attracted to places where food and water are easily obtained. Trash cans, landfills or in yards where these resources are located. Able to manipulate damaged or loosened materials to find refuge, feral pigeons are truly a plague among men. With the many other birds that tend to drive Tennessee locals beyond madness, pigeon bird droppings are always the number one complaint. The droppings of feral pigeons contain high volumes of uric acid, which can cause metal to erode, wooden surfaces to stain, discoloration of paint, and deterioration of brickwork and stones. Tar based roofing material is also negatively impacted.

Pigeon Bird Control Services

Having birds choose to reside at your home or business can bring hardships among people and the buildings they inflict. The first step our specialists take is removing the birds and then cleaning up and sanitizing the affected areas. Once that has been achieved, we apply custom pigeon control methods and techniques to keep the infestation from repeating. Some steps may include installing roof spikes to deter birds from roosting on rooftops. Netting can be put in place to cover the cavities and large areas birds try to inhabit. Chimney caps can also be utilized to keep birds from infiltrating your chimney. Every technique and method we use to remove and control bird invasions are humane. At HTP Pest our specialists are highly trained. We believe continuing education in our trade makes our team the best in the business! With modern technology always advancing, we are able to apply our knowledge and experience to utilize the newest developments in pest control methods, equipment and chemicals to better serve our valued customers. If you are in need of pigeon or other bird removal and control, call us today to make your next appointment!


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