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Pest infestations do NOT develop overnight. If an infestation does occur, the help of a HTP Pest professional may be needed to properly identify the pest and precisely treat the infested area for the best pest control. However, insects are less likely to establish in a structure if what they need (water, food and shelter) is not available. By following a few easy steps, you can make your home less favorable to the unwanted guests.

Reduce their Water Supply:

Repair leaky sinks and pipes.
Check showers and baths for leaky plumbing.
Check gutters and downspouts. Make sure water runs away from your home and does not accumulate near the foundation.
Keep gutters free of leaves to prevent rain water from spilling over the side and next to the foundation.
Be sure water from a sprinkler system is not the cause of excessive moisture around the foundation of your home.
Reduce their Food Supply:

Remove pet food dishes at night, especially on a porch or deck.
Store pet foods and bird seed in tightly sealed containers.
Clean surfaces in your kitchen to eliminate grease on oven hoods and walls near stoves.
Clean up spills on the floor immediately, and sweep and mop regularly.
Do not leave dirty dishes on the counters or in the sink.
Reduce their shelter and access to shelter:

Do not place lights directly above the entry doors to your house. The further the lights are from the door, the less likely insects are to fly in when the doors are open at night.
Trim branches and shrubbery so they are not touching the structure and providing a direct route into your home.
Do not place mulch directly against your foundation. Always create air space between the vegetation and the wall.
Move the woodpile away from the house in warmer months. This reduces the chance of insects hiding in the wood from coming into the house.
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Seeing an uninvited guest scurry across the floor is unsettling. Whether you require a onetime cockroach pest control or quarterly pest treatment service, prevention is the best cure for pest infestation. Call HTP Pest today or complete our free inspection form for immediate professional pest control services!


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