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Mold and fungus can be a very serious problem and it should be addressed right away when it is discovered. Many consumers assume that is something they can take care of but it is actually a very delicate situation and mishandling it incorrectly can cause health issues as well as the mold returning.

Mold and fungus removal is a technical process that demands professional expertise to avoid transferring it to other areas and making sure future health issues are avoided. The professionals at HTP Pest Control are experienced in the removal of mold and fungus in both residential and commercial settings.

Why should you choose HTP Pest for your mold removal and fungus removal needs?

Removing mold and fungus will reduce health risks

Mold and fungus can be deadly if not taken care of properly. Their pores can be easily breathed in when they are released into the air, causing serious health problems. Let our team of experts remove your mold and fungus correctly the first time, ensuring it doesn’t return.

Our removal process produces thorough results

The last thing you want to do it attempt to remove mold and fungus yourself. A DIY (do-it-yourself) approach is not safe and it doesn’t fix the problem. Special precautions need to be taken before you handle mold or fungus and our technicians are trained to properly remove it safely and thoroughly.

Our technicians use the correct testing and diagnostic methods

After the initial inspection we will develop a custom removal strategy. No two mold infestation or fungus infested areas are the same. In order to remove it fully and ensure that it doesn’t return we have to correctly diagnose the situation and then plan for the removal. Our experience allows us to test the area correctly and use that data to properly establish a removal plan.

If you are experiencing a mold or fungus problem in Tennessee then contact the experts at HTP Pest Control today for your free inspection.Click here to complete our free consultation form or call us at the number above. We have an experienced team of mold removal and fungus removal professionals standing by to help.


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