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Fire ants are not native to the United States. They first entered our country nearly a century ago in nearby Mobile, Alabama. Since then, they have spread through most of the southeastern United States including Tennessee. Their distinctive dome-shaped ant hill mounds form unsightly sore spots in your yard and interfere with mowing and other more relaxing outdoor activities. They also build their nests under objects such as logs, bricks or sidewalks, near structural foundations or in walls of buildings through holes or cracks. However, it’s fire ant stings that cause the most problems. Disturb a fire ant mound and fire ants will defend it aggressively. Just one sting hurts but fire ants sting repeatedly; and the stings usually come from multiple ants as these highly organized ants work together in their united attack! In fact, fire ants are responsible for countless emergency room visits every year. It is essential to protect your family from these threatening pests.

Fire Ant Control in Homes & Gardens

Lawn and outdoor fire ant control is a must to protect your family and pets from these extremely territorial and aggressive pests. Fire ants will attack anyone that comes near their nests. Our Western Tennessee professional ant control services will efficiently remove these fierce and highly agitated pests from your lawn and exterior building surfaces. If you are experiencing a problem with fire ants, our experienced professionals at HTP Pest will implement a custom program to fit your individual needs to help protect your family and pets. We specialize in fire ant removal as well as other pest control services. Contact us today!


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