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After 52 years of experience servicing commercial buildings in the western part of Tennessee, we have gained a reputation of administering quality pest control to our valued corporate customers. Commercial establishments are high target profiles for rodents and insects alike. When catering to the public in one way or another, having any kind of infestation can instantly turn your popular business into a ghost town. With the highly popular use of social media and business review websites, the last thing you want is any negative feedback. Having the professionals from HTP Pest servicing your commercial properties is essential to better manage and control any pest outbreaks.

We Treat the Following Commercial Properties for Pests

– General Commercial Office Spaces
– Restaurant, Grocery & Food Handling Facilities
– Real Estate, Hotels, and Motels
– Warehouses
– Retail Buildings
– Schools & Education Institutions
– Hospitals & Medical Facilities
– And So Much More!

Custom Pest Solutions for Every Company

When applying our trade to your commercial structures, HTP Pest ensures discretion, professionalism and 100% guarantee on our work. With a full pest inspection and assessment, we can better consult with you on your individual concerns. We will tailor the most applicable regime to your routinely scheduled services to manage the pests surrounding your business. If there are any current pest infestations, our team of experts can effectively and efficiently resolve them and remove the pests that are intruding on your business.

Commercial Roach Control

Cockroaches in any business are an unwelcome guest. Just their mere presence can influence your employees, customers and clients into believing your commercial space is filthy. Even when it is meticulously kept in pristine order. Cockroaches are attracted to dark places. They like to be close to water sources and an easy attainable selection of food. Keeping trash can lids secure and tight, along with food out of reach and properly contained can help reduce the roach infestations. Leaky pipes need to repaired and kept dry. Along with common sense maintenance and the specialists from HTP Pest, your commercial building is better safeguarded from cockroach breakouts.

Rodent Control for Your Business

Mice and rats an come in drones, and quickly take over your commercial space; especially when there is warmth, food and water awaiting them. Causing destruction and bringing disease, spotting a rodent within your facility can affect you heavily. Droppings, nests, and food contamination can be a costly catastrophe, as these little furry critters terrorize your commercial space. Having trained technicians to remove and control these vermin, will be the best investment you can do for keeping your business prospering with happy employees and satisfied guests.

Commercial Pest Control

Our professionals at HTP Pest not only have been expertly trained to begin their careers in pest control, but we promote ongoing training. With modern technology continuously advancing, methods, techniques, equipment and chemicals are constantly changing. Keeping our technicians fully informed on pest control advancements improves our abilities. Servicing commercial properties with pest control is a big responsibility and a major priority. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!


HTP, Inc. Termite & Pest Control is a BBB Accredited Pest Control Company in Huntingdon, TN