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Cockroaches can be harmful to your health, so make sure you deal with them right away!

Most people agree that cockroaches are certainly unpleasant to¬†look at, but have you ever wondered if they are actually dangerous […]

Rodents Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Have you seen a mouse or rat scampering around your kitchen in the shroud of night? Are there droppings in […]

Brown Recluse Spiders Require Special Treatment

Brown recluse spiders can be dangerous. While their bites don’t always lead to injury or bad reactions, their poison has […]

Your Sentricon Certified Installer!

Want truly effective protection against termites? We are the Sentricon certified installer you can trust for long-lasting termite control that […]

West Tennessee’s Choice for Mosquito Control

The buzzing. The itching. The ugly red bites. Mosquitoes are a major annoyance, but they’re just one of those things […]

How to Make Bees Not Sting You in Perry County, TN; Avoid What Attracts Stinging Bee Insect Pests!

If you are like most people and spend lots of your time outdoors especially in the summer then you have […]

Signs of a Tick Infestation in Your Humphrey’s County, TN Home & Yard; How to Remove Lyme Disease Spreading Ticks!

Ticks can be found near wooded and highly vegetated areas. Some species of ticks require moisture to survive. Ticks will […]

How to Prevent Carpenter, Odorous, Pharoah & Little Black Ants in Houston County, TN

The summer is the perfect time of year for ants to come out and start looking for food and nesting […]

Getting Rid of Breeding, Damaging & Disease Spreading Squirrels in Your Stewart County, TN Attic & Home

Squirrels are a common wildlife pest in cities and rural areas alike. They have grown very accustomed to humans, and […]

Homemade Natural Pest Control & Repellent for Your Hardin County, TN Home & Garden

Are you sick and tired of pests hanging around your home? They seem to come out of hiding and cause […]


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